…A time for American Baptist ministers to come together for mutual support, networking, mental and physical nourishment, and Holy Spirit stirring around topics that matter to our vocational health and missional purpose…

UPCOMING GATHERING: Leadership and Organizational Integrity

Aligning leadership practices and group processes with your missional values and Gospel mandates.

Sunday, September 10; 5-7 PM

Facilitated by Marie Onwubuariri, Regional Executive Minister
Onwubuariri Home, Brookfield, WI (participants who RSVP will be sent the address prior to the gathering)

[back up: Elm Grove Regional Office if more space needed] 

     Ministry leaders have opportunities to talk about how the good news of Jesus Christ calls us to faithful mission and ministry; we also have the responsibility to lead and live in ways that exemplify the good news and the difference Jesus makes. When we lead our churches, organizations, and even our families we often articulate a mission statement or a Christian value that is of utmost importance. However, sometimes there is a disconnect between these stated values or purpose and the practices or norms by which we live.

     This meet-up with encourage and equip participants toward
-- honest assessment of a ministry practice or organizational norm in light of its intended missional purpose and gospel value.
--alignment of purpose/value with ministry practices/norms for more authentic and consistent integrity.

Participants are encouraged to come to the meet-up with something specific from their leadership practices or church/organization norms that you would like to assess during the meet-up.

Join in on this collegial and supportive gathering that will hopefully prove to be immediately relevant and practical for the strengthening of your leadership and ministries.

RSVP Requested:  betsy.k@abcofwi.org by September 6.


Connecting with creation and how that impacts our decisions and actions
Facilitated by Carolyn Dugan, Associate Regional Minister - Camping
August 18-19, Camp Tamarack


Boundaries: professional, personal, prophetic, and pastoral. Do they exist in the virtual world?
Facilitated by John Jones, Associate Regional Minister - Education
July 25, 7-9 PM

Resources sent by John Jones post-gathering:

Latest version of the PowerPoint presentation shown at the event - with the links embedded to the UCC Prezi and YouTube video. Minister Meet Up Social Media
Here's a link to a PDF document meant to accompany the UCC Prezi: UCC Prezi
Helpful information in this PDF from the Virginia Conference UMC Clergy Ethics II   2012‐2016  Participants Handout = including platform specific best practices.  You may have to sift through several pages, but the Table of Contents on p. 2 can direct you.
This Pastor has both a blog and a couple published books that may be of interest to some of you. http://pastorkeithanderson.net/
Here are a few more links for those particularly interested. 
--I want to look more into this resource from the New Media Project .  It has several good suggestions and strategies: NMP
 --And this article may be some helpful reading.
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