Summer 2017 Wellness Challenge

Is there some part of your life you have wanted to improve or change or something new you have wanted to try to enhance your overall wellness?
If so, the Summer of 2017 is the time to do it!

Starting Wednesday, June 21st
ABC WISCONSIN will be kicking off a
90-day summer wellness challenge initiative,
divided into three 30-day intervals.

Data shows that having and writing down a specific goal plus having accountability partners increases your chance of success.


1.     Set your own personal wellness goal focused on your mind, body, and/or soul.

2.     Choose to join “Team River” or “Team Lake” – whichever one inspires thoughts and feelings of wellness in you. Your team members will be sources of encouragement and accountability.

3.     For more information or to submit your 1st month goal and team choice by completing this online form HERE.

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