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Clergy and Seminarian Grants/Scholarships

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Salzmann Library, St. Francis, WI

Through CENTRAL Wisconsin’s seminary site partnership with Salzmann Library, we strongly encourage seminarians, faculty members, and ABC ministers and church leaders to utilize the excellent resources available at Salzmann Library, located on the campus of St. Francis de Sales Seminary in St. Francis, WI. Not only can you benefit from the collections at Salzmann for theological studies, sermon preparation, christian education, and ministry resourcing, you can also benefit from the resources available throughout the SWITCH consortium of eight academic libraries throughout greater Milwaukee area.

To learn more about Salzmann Library, including becoming a patron, click HERE.


New Baptist Covenant…A.R.T.

Videos now available

In September 2017, I had the humbling privilege to participate in my first New Baptist Covenant Summit and to preach at the Tuesday morning worship gathering (9/19).

“The New Baptist Covenant creates vibrant, inclusive Baptist communities, building bridges in places previously marked by division. We are called by God to champion the weak and oppressed, honor the diverse workings of the Holy Spirit and to share the love of Christ.”  Read more…

The Summit Event theme was “A.R.T. Action. Reconciliation. Transformation.”  Baptists from around the country gathered to learn about relevant concerns that are affecting communities and how churches can bridge divides to make an impact regarding these concerns, and by doing so ushering in the Reign of God.

While American Baptists have been part of the NBC movement since its beginnings in 2007, I am eager to share more about the model this movement offers here in Wisconsin, particularly to facilitate partnerships between interested churches who are positioned and ready to activate and display the unifying and transformative power of Christ.

Videos of the sermons and keynote presenters from this year’s summit is available on their website HERE.  I hope you will also spend some time getting familiar with NBC and discern if this effort connects with you.



Soul Friends

Submitted by Marie Onwubuariri

In the March 2017 issue of the Wisconsin Baptist, I wrote a brief article focused on the
Lent season and referenced “Soul Friends.” Yes, Lent is far behind us, but the importance of
having soul friends still ring true and clear in the height of this summer. Author Debra K.
Farrington defines soul friends as those who “listen more deeply for God’s call to us, who are
comfortable waiting for God’s wisdom to be revealed rather than jumping in with their own
opinion…[people] who see with the eyes and ears of the heart, with compassion, concern, and clarity.
They are the ones who, when we think our only choices are to go forward or backward on the wheel,
can help us discover that perhaps God is calling us to step off the wheel and go in a whole new
direction.” (Hearing With The Heart ©2003 pg. 121-2).

Recently I had the privilege of walking with a soul friend during an important
discernment season. This privilege reminded me that as ministers we go through periods of
big-decision- making, risk-taking, questioning, dreaming, struggling, and many other delicate
moments that just cannot be shared with a wide group of people. Experiences we face are
often uniquely complicated by our ministry call, role, and responsibilities, and thus we find that
perhaps only others who have sensitivities to these unique considerations can truly empathize
and provide a clear listening ear and/or wise counsel.

Yet I have also been recently reminded through several encounters that ministers also
suffer silently, without a soul friend to share their burden. You need not look far to find an
article, study, or even personal testimony about pastoral/ministerial isolation, depression, and

Only you can discern and nurture soul-friend relationships, but your regional ministry
staff and Ministers Council Wisconsin chapter are also here to facilitate connectedness and
fellowship. Let us know how we can be of support.