​The POST is an experimental community of faith of ABC/Wisconsin that was conceived with consideration to various individuals on the fringes of the ABC/Wisconsin family, current challenges facing the Christian church including categories of people that are not currently fully engaged with existing congregations for a variety of reasons, and the possibilities of mission throughout the state.

The POST's mission is to develop a community of faith purposed to:

  • Place the remnant and the rising among the people of God thru
  • Online & in-person engagement toward Jesus Christ-discipleship for
  • Service to the ministries and communities connected to the ABC Wisconsin region while
  • Trusting in the guidance and revelation of the Holy Spirit

The POST is currently in planning phase and hopes to fully launch in Summer 2017.

If you are interested to learn more, contact

To read an article by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel run on August 15, 2016 about this experimental community, CLICK HERE.