20-20 Pray ABC Wisconsin

An Invitation to Pray for your Family As I worshiped with different local churches during the holiday season I was inspired to hear about the local manifestation of the Great Commission [to therefore go and make disciples of all nations Mat 25:19]–each different efforts, different fields–some accomplished, some hoped-for. Church leaders are fervently looking into […]

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Is “just fine” good enough?

By Rev. Dr. Marie Onwubuariri I have consciously considered, intellectually and practically, the question that titles this article—often! It comes to mind again in this new year as the region’s theme of transformation is deep in my soul. As someone who was explicitly raised by hardworking parents to not settle for average or “just getting […]

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December ’19 Wisconsin Baptist Lead Article

ADVENT PRAYER—Waiting John A. Jones IV, Associate Regional Minister-Education I ran into a friend at Target the other day. She was pregnant, 7 days past the due date. I tried to be encouraging, but it was more in spirit than in words, because I know how hard it is to wait, especially for something so […]

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We Are American Baptists of Wisconsin

ABC of WI is a fellowship of persons, churches and organizations drawn together in the love of God as known in Jesus Christ. We affirm our diversity of culture, gender, and theological perspectives as gifts for ministry. We covenant to share the gospel of Christ, encourage each other in our faith, and share our resources in witness and mission.