Can You Imagine?

Submitted by Marie Onwubuariri

There are some words that are just rich in meaning. “Post” is one of them. Current denotative meanings of the word include:  1. pole for support/connection or to mark a position, direction, or guidance (i.e. signpost) (n); 2. a job in which one is serving an official duty (n); 3. to put something on the Internet where others can see; make known to the public (v/n); 4. As a prefix, indicates “after” something; and 5. the place (hub) where letters/parcels are received and sent (n).1

Can you imagine what it might look like for a group of people who combine biblical notions of ekklesia with the suggestions of one word rich in meaning to shape a community of faith that pursues Jesus-discipleship in ways that are alternative to brick and mortar churches?

I can imagine it – and we at ABC Wisconsin are pursuing it. It’s called “The POST.” The POST is a new faith community that we are forming:

  • that serves as a signpost of sorts – where “un/displaced” people can connect and gain support, guidance, edification, and clarity of Christian purpose.
  • that assigns and equips for designated posts – or jobs based on unique giftedness and passions for the work of God.
  • that acknowledges and leverages online posting and interfacing capability – bridging participants together across geographical locales and physical isolation.
  • that engages “post-_____ realities (-modern, -denominational, etc.)” – for a relevant foundation for spiritual formation and discipleship.
  • that serves as a post for incoming and outgoing mission-related efforts – through deployment, debriefing and learning, and networking.


We are still in the forming stages, so if this resonates with you, contact me so we can converse more about how the POST may be an edifying stop on your faith journey.


1 Summarized from Cambridge online dictionary.

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