Wisconsin Baptist April 2017 Lead Article


by Carolyn Dugan

Associate Regional Minister—Camping


“When I look at your heavens, the work of your fingers, the moon and the stars, which you have set in place…” Psalm 8:3 ESV


“For by him all things were created, in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or dominions or rulers or authorities—all things were created through him and for him. And he is before all things, and in him all things hold together.” Colossians 1:16-17 ESV


When is the last time you sat and looked at the stars? For me it was November 13, 2016. There was a full moon, the Dugan family set up our telescope, and I had my camera ready to capture the event. It was a cool evening as the moon rose and the stars started to show up after Venus and Mars kicked things off. Living in the country, away from the city lights, we are able to see many things.

This summer at Camp Tamarack, our theme is “All of God’s Creation” based on Psalm 8:3 and supplemented by Colossians 1:16-17. When we hear the word creation, I think we sometimes get in a rut and tend to focus on the middle days in the story of creation with the sea creatures and animals. There is so much more to the creation story that was written in the Bible (twice) including the creation that is currently unfolding now and how everything involved in creation is related.


If you can’t make it to Camp Tamarack during one of our Region-sponsored camp weeks check out the website: (camptamarack.org). I encourage you to contact me for a time to get away from the lights of the city, from the daily distractions and just BE at Camp Tamarack. Be under the stars. Be at the water. Be under the canopy of the trees. Be with God.

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