October Wisconsin Baptist Lead Article

Mission Summit Conversations at the Regional Annual Gathering                                          

A word from Marie Onwubuariri, ABC/WI Regional Executive Minister

     Over two years ago one of our pastors suggested that rather than reporting mostly numbers on the church annual report that churches also report on the work of God through their ministries and missional work. We responded by beginning to ask churches to identify the ministries with which they are engaged, and we have consolidated the answers so that churches can begin to connect with others doing similar ministries and can simply be encouraged knowing how sister churches are living out their faith. To build upon this list, Annual Gathering participants will have an opportunity to join a facilitated table conversation on Saturday morning based on a common mission concern or passion. These table conversations are modeled after the conversations that American Baptists have been having at the past three Biennial Mission Summits and in multiple other settings. The goals of this year’s conversations are 1.) to encourage and equip participants to take further action in these areas of ministry/mission in their respective communities, and 2.) to identify areas for synergy for mission on a regional/associational level and clarify what is needed to support these joint efforts.

Over one dozen topics were chosen based on common ministries of ABC/WI churches and the 7 ABCUSA Mission priorities identified via prior Mission Summit conversations and collaborative discernment. Come prepared to listen, share, learn, and discern with one another and experience the power of the age-old Baptist principle of association—there are things we can do greater together than apart. For those who may not be present for these meeting, contact the region office on how to connect with others.


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