Congregational Missions – 2018 Web Conference #1

Web Conference:
“Developing Community Partnerships: When all you have is a peanut butter sandwich…”
MONDAY, JUNE 18, 2018  @ 7:00 PM

Link to audio recording available HERE

The ABC/WI Commission on Congregational Missions had its first mission web conference. This was the first of a series of web conferences, which hopes to offer churches that are engaged in similar mission an opportunity to network with each other to share ideas and learn together.

The theme of the first web conference was “Developing Community Partnerships,” and focused on ways to invite people outside of the church to participate in mission, and how to get involved with mission that is already happening in your community. Knowing that it can feel especially challenging for churches to have enough volunteers or energy to engage in mission in the community, this web conference discussed what to do if you feel like the disciples trying to figure out how to feed thousands of hungry people have nothing but a kid’s bag lunch.


1.) Apprenticing – learning from another person/group

2.) Finding a need and those who already have relationship in the midst of that need

3.) Listening – letting the community tell us what the need is, instead of assuming we are framing the answers to the questions they’re asking or needs they have

4.) [Reflecting] What is a simple resource you have available — and — also ask of and listen to those with whom you hope to connect/develop community

5.) Who else might have resources that could enhance the mission and what might you have to offer for mutual sharing?

6.) Announce/articulate needs (i.e. social media) – you never know who might respond.

7.) Tell the stories – in all kinds of contexts

8.) Be prepared as you can be but leave room for contributions from others and for God to move in unexpected ways

9.) Churches networking and trusting that people will be connected to the appropriate place (church) [as opposed to being competitive with one another]

10.) Invitation for people to participate: People may need specific guidance on what they can do beyond the church

11.)  Mission work does not always have to be “organized” — sometimes you just share what you are willing and have a heart to do.

12.) Rule of thirds: only a third of core group from within the church, another church from the “fringe” of the church, and another third from the community you seek to connect with/serve alongside


Stone Soup Community on Facebook –

Love, Inc.  (Love in the Name of Christ) Wisconsin Rapids, WI, local affiliate of national organization. –

To listen to an audio recording of the web conference, click HERE.


Here are three questions that were asked of participants ahead of the web conference:

1) What are a few of the areas of need in your community/context that God seems to draw the heart and attention of you and your congregation?  (it may be something you are already involved in, or something you care about but haven’t yet found leverage into)

2) In those areas of need, do you know of any potential partners in terms of agencies, churches, or individuals who are already active in that area or who share that passion and concern regarding that need?

3) Who are some people in your ministry setting that have a passion or concern about this (or other) areas of need, looking for an opportunity to do something about it?


Stay tuned…date and topic of next online discussion will be posted soon.

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