January ’19 Wisconsin Baptist Lead Article

Rootedness, Nurturing (Collaboration), Growth…

Marie Onwubuariri, ABC/WI Regional Executive Minister

2019…year three of regional direction. Year 1: tending to roots; Year 2: nurturing our association connectedness through collaboration; Year 3: GROWTH! But what does growth look like? I will guess that as you read this your mind might immediately go to some traditional church growth markers: numbers, engagement, demographic categories of church membership, health of finances to support expenses, and busyness. However, from our conversations and your witness, I KNOW that growth means so much more to many of you. For the writer of the second letter to Thessalonian church, growth in faith was evident alongside growth in love among the people. What are your growth edges for this year? To grow in authentic love for certain fellow believers, fellow colleagues in the ministry, or even for strangers and your enemies? To grow in your trust in God for your daily and special needs, for perseverance in hard times, for power to make positive changes? To grow in boldness for participation in the radical Gospel of Jesus Christ? To grow in humility and submission to the leading of the Holy Spirit? To grow in stewardship of the talents, resources, and privileges you have? However or whatever the growth, may the world know us by our fruits. Let us continue to build upon the good fellowship and work we have done together.

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