April ’19 Wisconsin Baptist Lead Article

Created for Connection   Carolyn Dugan—Associate Regional Minister-Camping

“And when two or three of you are together because of me,

you can be sure that I’ll be there.” Matthew 18:20, The Message

The Way of Jesus is not an easy one. It isn’t something someone can walk alone and expect to continue to grow and stay rooted. The disciples were sent out two by two. We need others. We need to be connected to creation in order to know the Creator. That creation includes other believers with whom we can talk, share ideas and work through questions.

There was a time when I was hurt by the church, and I spent Sunday mornings in my barn; I was content to do that indefinitely. As I learned more about the benefits of fellowship, I sought out a church, a place to find connections. Luckily, I found a healthy place to call my church home and have been there for the past eight years. It has been amazing to see what those connections have done for my faith, how I have grown, and how I continue to find new ways to share God with others.

For many of our campers at Camp Tamarack, camp is their connection to creation and to the Creator. It is also a place where campers make connections with one another, and during the course of the year I see them celebrate with each other, challenge one another, support one another through difficult times, and in general “be” there for each other.

Connection – it is an important thing.

This summer, consider joining us or encouraging a youth to attend. We have many different offerings for all age groups. Grandily Camp is a great space for intergenerational connection, and at Tamarack Tales you can see the connected work of God in the sun, moon, stars, and Earth!   Go to www.camptamarack.org for full details.

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