June ’19 Wisconsin Baptist Lead Article

ABC/WI Board of Managers News

Karen Sundland – President of the Board of Managers

The Board of Managers met on May 4th. The Board–your Board–gathered at Tudor Oaks Senior Living Community in Muskego, WI to do some incredibly fine work.

Staff members from Tudor Oaks contributed their expertise: Diane Janhke led us in a development exercise based on the Human Synergistics model. Judy Radish gave an overview of Tudor Oaks. Michelle Peterson, one of our own American Baptists and Director of Spiritual Services, led the group in Laughter Yoga. All activities were offered to help us learn to work together well as a Board, and to make us more knowledgeable about Tudor Oaks as an American Baptist resource and ministry partner.

We accomplished several key tasks at this meeting. Your Board reviewed and unanimously passed the final version of Proposed Changes to the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws, every detail of which has been hammered out during more than two years of work led by the Governance Task Force. This documents will now be presented to you during the summer for final vote by delegates to the Annual Meeting on October 12. Anticipating the new Board structure as described in the proposed Governance documents, we discussed requirements for new Board members.
We also reviewed and affirmed a statement, Diversity as Gifts for Ministry, which builds on our region’s official mission statement, to use as a guide for working together as a Region of diverse congregations ministering in a variety of circumstances. We approved a Church Data Sharing Policy, which defines how the ABC/WI office shares church contact information with our ministry partners.

All of these governance, policy, and guiding statements may not seem exciting at first glance, yet they are necessary to keep the organization of ABC/WI primed for continued growth and vibrant ministry. They are extremely significant in terms of impact. In other words, the work of your Board of Managers is destined to move ABC/WI toward future ministries of courage, effectiveness and hope.

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