FORUM #1 – March 9, 2019 at ABC/WI Region Offices


On Wednesday, March 9, Ministers and Pastors from across the region gathered in the larger classroom of CENTRAL Wisconsin, located in the lower level of the ABC/Wisconsin region offices.   The gathering was for the first of four planned “Teaching Pastors Forums” for 2019, hosted by CENTRAL Wisconsin in cooperation with pastors and congregations in the area.

The desire for honest, challenging theological reflection in a safe setting drew more than 15 pastors and ministers together for lunch and an introduction to the Teaching Pastors Forum.

The background and motivation of the offerings were presented, along with future plans for forums to be facilitated by CENTRAL Wisconsin faculty and other leaders.

Participants responded to a question about their greatest teacher, prompting stories and memories from Seminary training all the way back to elementary school. All Teaching Pastors are first students, encouraged and challenged by good teachers.

An open discussion of potential future topics provided the opportunity to begin honest conversations about race and racism in the U.S., in Wisconsin, and particularly in Milwaukee. The courage and honesty of these servant-leaders created the possibility of very small steps in a positive direction to face difficult truths and work toward education and conviction in service of repentance and reconciliation.

CENTRAL Wisconsin seeks to cultivate, create, and care for safe spaces for theological reflection in service of equipping the saints. The Teaching Pastors Forum is another element of that mission.

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