FORUM #2 – May 9, 2019 @ New Hope Missionary Baptist Church

On Thursday, May 9 at New Hope Missionary Baptist Church in Milwaukee, several Baptist Pastors from around the Milwaukee area gathered to hear Rev. Dr. Demetrius Williams – pastor of Community Baptist Church of Greater Milwaukee and professor at UWM and CENTRAL Wisconsin – share some of his recent work.

The gathering was for the second of four planned “Teaching Pastors Forums” for 2019, hosted by CENTRAL Wisconsin in cooperation with ABC/WI pastors and congregations.

Dr. Williams shared some research and reflection on utilizing a close read of Pauline literature for guidance in pastoral cares and concerns: “Paul, Mission, Ministry and Money.” The focus of this particular offering was to examine carefully Paul’s interaction and relationship with congregations in his ministry, particularly on the issue of finance. Dr. Williams’ presentation helped everyone understand Paul as a living, breathing Christian leader with real challenges and aspirations in the church – rather than some sort of “oracle” or abstract constructor of doctrine, producing scripture and church policy for all eternity. The guidance suggested by this close reading can inspire pastoral leaders to take seriously both their unique understanding of the call to gospel ministry and the profound challenges of human relationships found in all churches. Whereas laws or guidelines written in stone for all times and places may be in short supply, subtle encouragement in the struggle can be found throughout the Pauline corpus.


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