175th Annual Gathering – Project ‘9520…

American Baptist Churches of Wisconsin invites you contribute your collective story to

Project ‘9520…

Project ‘9520... is a storytelling project in poster form. ABC Wisconsin member churches and ministry partners are invited to submit a story poster that tells of God’s work in your midst from 1995 to present, and even articulating your vision for 2020 and beyond, thus the title of the project “ ‘9520…”

The collective storytelling of our churches and partners is one way to capture our history-in-the-making in the current twenty-five-year period, looking backward to 1995 and forward to 2020 at the same time.


  1. Box 1: Name: Enter in the name of your church or organization, and your city of location.
  2. Box 2: Photos: Insert a photo or photo collage in the space allotted.
  3. Box 3: Narrative History: Insert a written narrative of no more than 230 words that tell how God has been made known through the ministries or missional activities of your church/ organization from 1995-2019. Give specific examples. Ideas of things you might highlight:
  • Where did you experience rootedness, collaboration, growth, and/or transformation?
  • Is there an excerpt of a personal testimony(ies) to share?
  • Is there a significant decision the congregation made that transformed the fellowship of the church and/or your impact in outward witness?

Note: The intent is not to have a comprehensive list of all the things that have transpired in the life of the church, but rather to share a story that acknowledges the work of God in your midst.

  1. Box 4: People/Space: Share in up to 80 words a summary about church leadership (pastors, etc.) and/or church building if this information is significant to the movement of God since 1995. If this information is not relevant, you can add up to 80 words to box 3 or to Box 5.
  2. Box 5: Vision: In this box say what the vision is for 2020 and beyond in up to 100 words.
  3. NEW DEADLINE: The deadline to submit these to the regional office is December 31, 2019. A final print out can be mailed or dropped off to the office or an electronic version emailed to abcwi.office@abcofwi.org


  • The above word counts are based on Centaur font and 20 font size and the use of tabloid paper (11”x17”). We intend to maintain a similar format of all these story posters for both physical display and reproduction purposes. ABC/WI staff reserves the right to edit submissions to stay within this format.
  • Those that were submitted prior to the 175th Annual Gathering were displayed at the end.  All submissions received by the December 31 deadline will be reproduced in .PDF book format for our historical archives.

Ensure your ministry is represented!

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