Call for Nominations – the Region is You!


Under the leadership of our new Regional Executive Minister, Rev. Mindi, REGION STAFF AND LEADERS are discerning how God would have us move forward in bold GOSPEL ways.

  • We need conscientious voices shaping this beautiful association of connected yet autonomous Baptist churches and persons.
  • We are looking for stewards of our common mission and shapers of our associational culture.  
  • We are looking gift-seekers who can find and encourage a diverse mix of talent and perspectives.
  • We are looking for doers of the Word, not hearers only, who will pursue with purpose what they believe must be done collectively as the Body of Christ.
1. Prospective Nominee to the Board of Managers Packet:
2. Prospective Nominee to the Nominating Committee Packet:


We still have available terms for individuals to serve in the following  ways, pending appointment. If you are interested, please fill out the appropriate leadership form and submit it to the Region Office (ongoing deadline).

Nominee Documents for Appointed Positions (ongoing deadline):

  1. Prospective Nominee to the Finance Committee Packet:
  2. Prospective Nominee to the Commission on Congregational Mission Packet:
  3. Prospective Nominee to the Commission on Ministry Packet:
  4. Prospective Nominee to the (Annual Gathering) Program Committee:

The 2021-2022 Nominating Committee Members

  • Archie Ivy, (Chair) New Hope Missionary Baptist Church, Milwaukee
  • Mark Brandel, Wyocena Community Church, Wyocena
  • Sudie Jones, Greater Galilee Missionary Baptist Church, Milwaukee
  • May May Latt, Milwaukee Myanmar Christian Church, Milwaukee
  • Carol Lewis, Greater Mt. Zion Missionary Baptist Church, Milwaukee
  • Ruby Jackson, Metropolitan Missionary Baptist Church, Milwaukee
  • John Jones, Ex-Officio
    • Phone: (262) 782-3140
    • Email:
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