September ’19 Wisconsin Baptist Lead Article


Karen Sundland, President of ABC/WI Board of Managers

Are you a stakeholder in the American Baptist Churches of Wisconsin? Does the future of our Region matter to your life, your faith, your legacy for the future? If you are taking the time to read this bulletin insert, you are!

Are you a stakeholder? Then attend the Annual Gathering! This year, our Gathering is being held at the beautiful Green Lake Conference Center, October 11-12. It is our 175th Anniversary as a region. We as a region are younger, by just a few years, than many of the first Baptist churches in our state.

Only a few years after their founding, Baptist congregations in Wisconsin sought to associate with other like-minded churches through societies cooperating for missions and benevolence. ABC/WI descends from these early societies. Through ABC/WI, individual congregations continue to work together to embrace our diversity and share our common vision.

We will begin the Annual Gathering on Friday night with a banquet celebrating our 175 years. We will continue on Saturday morning with Worshipful Work, moving our Region toward a wellspring of abundant life as we affirm our new governance structure. We will join with American Baptist family from across the state, and guests from around the country. This year, we celebrate as we continue to write our story.

Are you a stakeholder? Come, join us as we celebrate the past and embrace a future of abundance and joy.

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