Ministers Council of Wisconsin December 2019 update

December 2019

Christmas Greeting to all…..

My name is Rev. Mark W. Brandel – pastor of the Wyocena Community Church in Wyocena, Wisconsin.

I am also the new President of the Minister’s Council ABC/WI for the next two years, Lord willing.

I am looking forward to this position because I care about Pastors and Church ministry.

Healthy Pastors = Healthy Churches

As pastors, we have a huge opportunity to serve our Lord Jesus Christ and His church. We can do it better with the support of each other. That is why the Ministers Council exists, and is needed. We really need each other, to connect, to care, and to grow in grace.

Many have served on the local Ministers Council or have been members in the past. Thank you for your faithfulness!

We need you to join for the year 2020. Last year 2019, we had 16 members. In December, the new membership for next year is open, and we are encouraging all of our clergy to register online at this website Just follow the instructions and have your credit card ready. This is the Year of Jubilee for the National Ministers Council and that membership is free. The cost for Wisconsin membership is only $25. This year, we have an opportunity to really help ourselves with all the monies that are collected for membership going back to Wisconsin for use in our chapter. This will help us in planning retreats, workshops, and other Ministers Council functions.  I would like to see that number grow to 40+ for the year 2020.  We will strive to connect and serve you better, but we need your help. Will you consider joining with us this year? Help us Grow!!!

We took a vote by email that was sent to current members and this is your executive committee:

President & Representative: Rev. Mark Brandel (Term – 2021)

Vice President:  Rev. Dr. John R. Walton, Jr (Term – 2021)

Treasurer: Rev. Eric Lundquist (Media Management)  (Term 2022)

Secretary: Rev. Walt Hoshaw (Term – 2020)

In the very near future the Executive Committee will be sending out a short survey to get your thoughts and feedback so that we can better serve you. Please take the time to fill out the information.

I know that you all are extremely busy, we are too. We promise to work with you, pray for you, and come by your side to support and minister to you. If you have any questions you can contact us by email or go to our website

Thank you for taking time to read this letter and we hope to see you on the membership list soon.

God bless you as you serve,

Rev. Mark W. Brandel


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