20-20 Pray ABC Wisconsin

An Invitation to Pray for your Family

For our regional family – American Baptist Churches of Wisconsin – a simple invitation:

On the 20th of each month in the year 2020, set aside 20 minutes to pray for ABC Wisconsin.
“20-20 Pray ABC Wisconsin”

That’s only 20 minutes on a designated day for the whole month. Of course, we welcome and are in need of daily prayers, but the hope is that we can be assured that at least on one day a month our American Baptist brothers and sisters across the state are united in prayer for common or connected things and listening together to God for guidance.

You can check back to this web page for a list of items to pray about, which may be updated from time to time throughout the year. Many of these items will be consistent throughout the year though I trust in the Holy Spirit’s movement in each of our lives to direct on how or what specifically to pray about during any given month.

Here are some things to keep in your prayers (no priority assumed):

  1. For the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being of all our brothers and sisters as we navigate the changing landscape of church in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic
  2. For safety and health for those in our congregations who continue to report to work and missions in industries of essential services
  3. For provision for those in our congregations who have had their work suspended and are subsequently facing financial strains
  4. For protection for those in our congregations with sustained compromised immune systems who are dealing with risks of getting the treatments they need
  5. For wisdom and centeredness for all our pastors and church leaders who are trying their best to encourage the faith and witness of their congregations
  6. For special comfort for those who have and may experience loss of loved ones and are entering into the process of grief with a new limited social landscape
  7. For connection across our denomination as we engage in a 21-day Call to Prayer for healing (information forthcoming)
  8. The search for region staff job openings: Associate Regional Minister – Administration and Temporary Summer Camp Director
  9. For all our brothers and sisters journeying through the Lenten season–for deepening faith and clarity of God-given purpose and service
  10. Our local churches who are in the midst of pastoral search and candidacy processes.
  11. For our churches who are particularly impacted by tragic and senseless deaths throughout our state due to violence, drug overdose, etc.; for their light, compassion, and loving corrective influence
  12. For continued synergy for our Committees, Commissions, and Collaboratives as they still pursue their work on our behalf
  13. Direction and excitement within our affiliated bodies: AB Women’s Ministries, AB Men, and Ministers Council
  14. Mission advancement of our Wisconsin-based ministry partners
  15. The POST – our online faith community – for our direction and discernment for our third year
  16. All of our extended ABC family — sister regions, national program boards, supporting ministries, etc.
  17. The global communities that our Wisconsin communities connect with, support, and learn from


With appreciation,

Marie Onwubuariri
Regional Executive Minister

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