20-20 Pray ABC Wisconsin

An Invitation to Pray for your Family

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Topic: ABC/WI 20-20 Prayer Meeting
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For our regional family – American Baptist Churches of Wisconsin – a simple invitation:

On the 20th of each month in the year 2020,
set aside 20 minutes to pray for ABC Wisconsin.
“20-20 Pray ABC Wisconsin”

That’s only 20 minutes on a designated day for the whole month. Of course, we welcome and are in need of daily prayers, but the hope is that we can be assured that at least on one day a month our American Baptist brothers and sisters across the state are united in prayer for common or connected things and listening together to God for guidance.

You can check back to this web page for a list of items to pray about, which may be updated from time to time throughout the year. Many of these items will be consistent throughout the year though I trust in the Holy Spirit’s movement in each of our lives to direct on how or what specifically to pray about during any given month.

Here are some things to keep in your prayers (no priority assumed): This list will be updated by the 19th of each month.

  1. Thanksgiving to all those who played a role, large and small, in the planning and implementation of this years 2020 Annual Gathering. 
  2. For God’s continual guidance to all the attendees of the Annual Gathering to take the learning, invitations, fellowship into the months ahead.
  3. For REM Marie Onwubuariri and her family as she finishes her time of service in ABC Wisconsin and transitions to her new role as Associate General Secretary of Mission Resource Development of ABCUSA.
  4. For wisdom, discernment, and decisions of the ABC/WI  Board of Managers in their leadership during the upcoming transition period; for smooth orientation for the newly elected Board members. 
  5. For ABC/WI staff and commission/committee personnel steadfastness in their mission and duties through the duration of the upcoming transition period.
  6. For God-chosen persons to be identified and be willing to serve in current vacancies in regional entities. (See Nominations page).
  7. Thanksgiving for all those who have completed terms of service in various ways to the region.
  8. God-honoring Christian engagement and witness by our communities particularly in the midst of the current heightened political season.
  9. For wisdom and guidance as churches plan for and shift into an autumn rhythm in church life while still navigating the COVID-19 pandemic.
  10. For profound courage as each discerns how to activate their faith as it relates to the urgent call to dismantle racism at personal, interpersonal, institutional, and cultural levels.
  11. For all ABC global servants as we collect this quarter’s World Mission Offering.
  12. For grace for our pastors and congregations who are ministering directly among those infected with COVID-19 and their families, and those who have had to provide a ministry of comfort with families who have experienced death of loved ones, due to a variety of causes, during this pandemic.
  13. For civility and wisdom as public officials make decisions and recommendations for public health.
  14. For guidance for denominational leaders who are building up resources that might be used to respond to current, emerging, and potential future needs of our clergy, congregations, and ministries impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.
  15. For missional and leadership guidance for Wisconsin’s American Baptist Women’s Ministries, American Baptist Men’s Ministries, and Ministers Council.
  16. For WI ministry partners, for guidance and creativity during suspended in-person services and especially for our ministries providing housing or other ministries to seniors and at-risk communities, such as Tudor Oaks Senior Living Community, Housing Ministries of WI, or Milwaukee Christian Center; for those connected to our churches, and for our Campus Ministries as their annual rhythms have been truncated.
  17. For our local churches who are in the midst of pastoral search and candidacy processes.
  18. For all of our extended ABC family — sister regions, national program boards, global missionaries and partners, supporting ministries, etc.
  19. For a special anointing for all our prayer warriors across our ABC/WI family who are holding us up in prayer.

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