Eager for Easter?

April 2020 Wisconsin Baptist Lead Article by Marie Onwubuariri, Regional Executive Minister

I have come to truly appreciate the annual movement through Holy Week—the celebration and irony of Palm Sunday, the journey through the events of Jesus’ last days of life, the commemoration of the Last Supper, the gravity of Good Friday, the stillness of Holy Saturday, and the multiple expressions of Easter victory and joy. In my desire to dwell in the significance of each day, I often cringed when eager preachers would hurry through Mount Calvary to the morning glory in the garden, especially on Good Friday. At times, it would feel to me like cheating the cross—resurrection without sacrifice.

This year, amidst the chaos of the development of the coronavirus, it is understandable if congregations might feel eager for Easter, perhaps even anxious for Easter: What will it look like? What will it feel like without our precious traditions? Perhaps even, when will it be?

Well…it will not look like what we are accustomed to, which means that emotions will be stretched. And as to when? Easter need not be confined to April 12, 2020. We are called to the live the cycle of gospel living (cross and the empty tomb) throughout our entire discipleship journey.

How might you open yourself up to experience the remainder of Lent and Holy Week anew this year, not only through April 12, but beyond that as well?s In fact, how might you embrace the significance of each day, not just in times of crisis but even beyond this? Many things may feel out of our control, but it is still up to us to choose to never be the same again. Easter is a daily invitation to a new life in Christ.

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