Transformation Continues…

By Marie Onwubuariri, REM

Guided by Romans 12:2, at the Annual Gathering I noted the transformation I have begun to see in and among ABC/WI over the past six years. We have…

realigned practices and structures to foster the pursuit of mission, evident in our governance, gathering themes, standards of ministries, & our interactions.

resisted falling into patterns, mindsets, and behaviors that block healthy change, undermine conversations/relationships across differences, and perpetuate irrelevance and dysfunction in ministries.

renewed over again the centrality of Jesus Christ, our desire to learn from and serve alongside one another, and our trust in the creative Spirit of God.

Transformation into the likeness of God is a never-ending endeavor. Executive leadership change presents an opportunity to newly discern God’s guidance. Seeing what God has done in and among us as a region over these years makes me hopeful for what God will continue to do in and thru you in this next chapter.

ABC/WI—you have added to the transformation in my own discipleship walk. Through the ministries, friendships, challenges, and differences of and from many of you, I have been emboldened in gospel work, sharpened in my leadership, deepened in my theology, and both stretched by and embraced in Christian acts of love.  May we count it pure joy to have matured in Christ together.

In following ministerial ethics, I will fully step aside that you may continue your transformation with new region leadership, but I look forward to connecting with you in due time through the ABCUSA Office of General Secretary.  I leave with you my sincere thanks and take with me a wonderful experience of koinonia.

Thanks be to God!

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