Annual Gathering 2020 – VIDEO Links

Check out the recorded sessions from Annual Gathering 2020 – October 10, 2020. Click on the title for a link to the video.


A – COVID Changes “Idea-Swap” – Commission for Congregational Mission

B – Bible Study on “Transformation” – Rev. Dr. Demetrius Williams

C – Reshaping Church: Learning from Unplanned Transformation – Rev. Dr. Ircel Harrison and Rev. Angie Jackson

D – Baptist History and Polity – Rev. Dr. Pamela Durso


LUNCH SPEAKER – Rev. Dr. Jeff Woods



A – Racial Justice – Rev. Walter Lanier

B – Post-COVID Emerging Ministries – Rev. Betsy Perkins

C – 2020 – Stories of Faith – Rev. Jason Mack


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