Annual Gathering 2021 – “Church Together” Video Links

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Worshipful Work: Annual Meeting

To view the Annual Meeting session, please click HERE.

Morning Breakout Sessions

A –  “Mindful Self-Compassion for Caregiver Fatigue

In this session, Dr. Barbara Moser introduces the concept of “self-compassion” which will help you live out the second of the greatest commandments to “Love your neighbor as yourself” (Mark 12:31). Our compassion and care for our neighbors can only be sustained by compassion and care for ourselves.

To view the morning session “Mindful Self-Compassion for Caregiver Fatigue,” please click HERE.


B – “Exploring ’Hybrid’ Church- A Spiritual Practice in Community

In this session, Rev. Jacki Belile leads a discussion of both practical and theological elements in choosing to be “church” in the current era. As we emerge from pandemic shutdown and “online” church, how will we do church differently moving forward? And what will that mean for our understanding of what it means to be the church? Rev. Jacki shares from personal experience at her small church in Chicago, as well as themes, patterns and questions from the wider Body of Christ. Her touchstone verse in this epic era is 2 Timothy 1:7.

To view the morning session “Exploring ‘Hybrid’ Church – A Spiritual Practice in Community,” please click HERE.


C – Thematic Bible study: “Better Together: The Body of Christ working in unity”

In this session, Rev. Dr. Marcus Allen, pastor of Madison, Mt. Zion, leads a thematic Bible Study exploring the metaphor of the “Body of Christ.” What does this image – from several passages in scripture – help teach us about what it means to be “Church Together”?

To view the morning sessionThe Body of Christ” Bible study, please click HERE.


Lunchtime Speaker

Rev. Kerri Parker, Executive Director of the Wisconsin Council of Churches, shares reflections on ecumenical work during the pandemic: “Celebrating Church When You See It.”

To view the Lunchtime session “Celebrating Church When You See it,” please click HERE.

Afternoon EQUIPPING Sessions

A – Providing Mental Health Support in Church

Rev. Walter Lanier, Pastor of Milwaukee, Progressive, Brenda Wesley and Thomasina Jenkins facilitate this session, sharing contacts and resources to help your church become more intentional in support of mental health.

To view the afternoon session “Providing Mental Health Support in Church,” please click HERE.

B – Suggestions and Resources for Using Technology as Church Together

Rev. Eric Lundquist and Rev. Kenneth Cutler, Pastor of Milwaukee, Greater Mt. Zion, most a space for sharing suggestions, ideas, and examples of using technology to “be church” in a new and altered environment.

To view the afternoon session “Using Technology as Church Together,” please click HERE.

C – Hands and Feet Together: Church Mission in a New Era

Board member Cathy Muro facilitates a conversation to examine the questions: How has the pandemic changed the way churches do mission work? How do we continue to be the “hands and feet” of Christ TOGETHER? What has changed in the past year?

To view the afternoon session “Hands and Feet Together: Church Mission in a New Era,” please click HERE.

Closing Worship

The closing worship service celebrated our diverse gifts with contributions from all around our churches. Rev. Dr. Demetrius Williams, Pastor of Community Baptist Church of Greater Milwaukee preached on our theme of “Church Together.”

To view the Closing Worship service, please click HERE.


Greetings from Denominational Partners

To view the Greetings from our denominational partners, please click HERE.
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