Retirement of Jim Carlson

Rev. Jim Carlson, Ph.D. has retired from ministry. For the last 6 years, Jim has served as the Hispanic Liaison for ABC of Wisconsin. In this unique role, Jim worked with the leadership of the four Hispanic congregations in the region: Kenosha, Iglesia Bautista El Calvario; Racine, Iglesia Bautista Renacer; Milwaukee, Iglesia Evangelica Bautista and the Hispanic Congregation of First, Waukesha. This past year, he has also been working closely with Milwaukee, Smyrna, one of the Karen congregations. In these and many other ways he has been serving the region as a valuable staff member.

Jim is a longtime friend of the region, having served as pastor of Waukesha, First from 2001 to 2012. We wish Jim all the best and extend heartfelt thanks for his ministry.

The following is a piece composed by the pastor of Iglesia Evangelica Bautista, Rev. José Encarnación. Pastor Encarnación is the director of the Hispanic Lay Institute, where he and Jim taught all of the classes.



Sobre Jim Carlson

Conocí a Jim Carson hace muchos años en República Dominicana. En ese tiempo Jim iba a mi país como líder de jóvenes en viajes misioneros.

Unos años más tarde, en una reunión annual de nuestra Región, fui sorprendido al ver a Jim allí. Me acerqué a él, nos reconocimos y entonces hicimos una amistad que ha sido duradera. Estuve presente cuando él fue instalado como pastor de la iglesia First Baptist of Waukesha y, a partir de ahi nuestra relación se transformó en compañeros del ministerio.

Puedo decir que Jim Carlson es un fiel amigo y excelente compañero ministerial; es un fiel siervo de Dios, lleno de humildad y sencillez, excelente maestro y expositor de la Palabra de Dios. Juntos formamos el Instituto Hispano Bautista de Wisconsin con el fin de preparar lideres laicos que sirvan en nuestras iglesias hispanas locales y puedan suplir la eventual necesidad de pastores en nuestras congregaciones.

Jim es un maestro teológico y doctrinal excepcional y él hizo possible que nuestros estudiantes sean graduados por el Seminario Central Bautista de Kansas City.

Su retiro me deja un gran vacío. Siento soledad sin él. Oro a Dios que Jim sea bendecido y prosperado en todo lo que haga y sueño con que él pueda seguir enseñando en nuestro Instituto Hispano.

Te extrañaremos, Jim.

Tu pastor y amigo,
Rev. José Encarnación

About Jim Carlson

I met Jim Carson many years ago in the Dominican Republic. At that time Jim was going to my country as a youth leader on mission trips.

A few years later, at an annual meeting of our ABC/WI Region, I was surprised to see Jim there. I approached him, we recognized each other, and then we made a friendship that has been lasting. I was present when he was installed as pastor of First Baptist of Waukesha and from there we became partners in ministry.

I can say that Jim Carlson is a faithful friend and an excellent ministerial partner; he is a faithful servant of God, full of humility and simplicity, an excellent teacher and expositor of the Word of God. Together we formed the Hispanic Lay Institute of Wisconsin in order to prepare lay leaders who serve in our local Hispanic churches and can supply the eventual need for pastors in our congregations.

Jim is an exceptional theological and doctrinal teacher and he made it possible for our students to graduate from Central Baptist Seminary.

His retirement leaves me with a great emptiness. I feel lonely without him. I pray to God that Jim be blessed and prosper in everything he does, and I wish that he could continue teaching in our Hispanic institute.

We will miss you, Jim.

Your pastor and friend,
Rev. Jose Encarnacion.

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