Pastor-Congregation Relations Workshop

Transforming the Conversation: Growth Through Healthy Conflict

On Saturday, June 3rd the ABC-WI Regional Office will host our next Church tools workshop – this time on the subject of Pastor-Congregation relationships. The workshop is titled “Transforming the Conversation: Growth Through Healthy Conflict. Our guest speaker will be Pastor Brandyn Simmons, the interim pastor of First Baptist Church in Delevan.


In this workshop, we’ll talk about how healthy conflict can be a catalyst for growth and positive change. We’ll distinguish between healthy and unhealthy conflict. We’ll talk about the difference between transition and change. We’ll talk about trusting relationships that can contribute to the mission of your congregation. We’ll also discuss good habits of communication that can help the church participate in God’s creative action in the world.

  • Are you having difficulties with communication among the leaders of your congregation?
  • Are you concerned that unhealthy conflict is causing church decline?
  • Is conflict a problem? Because it taints everything? Or because it’s being suppressed?

If you’re dealing with these or similar questions, please consider joining us for this workshop. You’ll gain some insight and perhaps a few tools to help you begin thinking differently about conflict in your congregation.

The workshop will be in the hybrid format:

On-site: Saturday, June 3rd from 9:30-11:30 AM at the ABC-WI Regional Office (15330 Watertown Plank Road Elm Grove, WI 53072). PLEASE PARK IN THE REAR OF THE BUILDING.

Online: We will have the Zoom option. Please let us know your plans when you sign up.

You can sign up HERE.


Brandyn Simmons is a pastor, Mergers & Acquisitions advisor, and executive coach.  After doing his MBA in Tokyo, Japan and working as a forecasting consultant, he worked in mergers and acquisitions getting his clients established in foreign markets.  Upon returning to the U.S., Brandyn did a masters degree in geriatrics and opened a care management practice while continuing his consulting work.  Despite his attempts to run from God’s call, Brandyn attended Northern Seminary and was ordained in the United Church of Christ where he served a congregation on the north side of Chicago for 10 years.  He is currently an interim pastor at an ABC congregation.  His doctoral work is in community organizing.
After realizing that a coach approach to change management was better than a consultative one, Brandyn did his training to become a Professional Certified Coach and has completed his training to the Master Certified Coach level.  He has served many congregations and judicatory bodies as a trainer and coach.  He has also coached people from C-suite executives at companies such as Deutsche Bank, Amazon, Salesforce, and many others as well as conducting trainings in leadership development for these companies.  He particularly enjoys working with small business owners to increase their valuation before they sell and to walk with them in navigating all of the headaches that accompany that process.
You can often find Brandyn hiking in the mountains, spending time with his three kids, writing short stories or creative non-fiction, or just relaxing with his nose in a book.
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