Unity in Community Prayer Walk

Milwaukee Metropolitan Missionary Baptist Church hosted its first Unity in Community Prayer Walk on July 1st, 2023. Organized by Rev. Victoria Nelson, the purpose was to walk and pray in the community against violence and division. Calvary Baptist Church and Milwaukee Myanmar Christian Church joined in the walk along with other neighboring churches, Common Ground, the Interfaith Conference of Greater Milwaukee, and community officers from the Milwaukee Police Department. Rev. Dr. John Walton, Jr. and Rev. Dr. May May Latt led the group in prayer and Dr. Walton followed up with a debriefing. The response from the neighborhood was positive. The 53206 zip code has the highest incarceration rate in Wisconsin, but neighbors love where they live and want change. Prayer walkers were challenged to not let this be a one-time action but to respond by calling city officials and to unite to walk and pray again and take action. Rev. Mindi Welton-Mitchell closed the gathering in reflection and prayer.

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