Welcome to the New Year – 2024!

One hundred and twenty-five years ago, our Region launched this publication – “The Wisconsin Baptist” as a way to stay to connected and share various pieces of information such as what pastors started their call at what church, who had resigned, as well as what meetings were occurring and where. This publication was sent out quarterly each year for only twenty-five cents!

In 1899, no one could have predicted that “The Wisconsin Baptist” would still be going strong, stored on the ABC-WI website, and emailed monthly. It still contains the same information as the very first one: what pastors started their call, who has moved and what meetings are happening. But after all this time there is so much that has changed: the names of all the Pastors are no longer just male, there are churches that have closed or left ABC, but also churches that have formed or joined our denomination. We didn’t have Camp Tamarack back in 1899, but over the years, the WB has included camp dates and registration information.

The aim of The Wisconsin Baptist was to keep the constituents posted as to:

  • What has been done
  • What is being done
  • What needs to be done

January, the start of a new year, is a great time to also take stock in these same statements. In our personal lives, in the rhythms of our churches and organizations as well as our Region. I encourage you to takes some time this month and sit with, reflect on, and lean into these statements in your own context.

To our loving and hopeful God, we pray in this moment for all the work, the meetings, the prayers, worship, collaboration, and growth that has been done over the last 125 years, for the continued activities that are being done and for the discernment and stamina for what still needs to be done. Be with us as we go into this new year and hopefully another 125 years of being Wisconsin Baptists. Amen.

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