Rejecting Christian Nationalism

MICAH (Milwaukee Inner-City Congregations Allied For Hope) launched their campaign this fall against “Christian” nationalism. As Baptists who hold religious freedom and soul liberty as foundational to our faith, we desire to participate in building the beloved community for all, in Milwaukee and beyond. The ABC-WI Board of Managers voted unanimously to sign on to the We All Belong Campaign at our November 18, 2023 Board of Managers meeting.

Individuals and congregations can learn more about the dangers of Christian Nationalism and can sign on to the We All Belong campaign by clicking the button below.

Full Text Of Statement

Protect Democracy

Our American democracy is a government of the people, by the people, and for the people. It guarantees liberty and justice for all Americans. As people of faith, we understand Americans to include indigenous people, the original inhabitants of this land, as well as those who were forcibly brought to America and enslaved, and those who came as immigrants and workers. We believe America is stronger when justice, wealth, opportunity and representation are available to all Americans, rather than an elite few.

Reject “Christian” Nationalism

“Christian” nationalism is an ideology that merges Christian and American identities and, in doing so, distorts the Christian Gospel and the values of equality that guide our nation. Jesus commanded his followers to “love your neighbor as yourself” and defined ‘neighbor’ to include the poor and marginalized. Other religious faiths have similar teachings. Our democracy was founded on the rule of law, equal representation and separation of church and state. In contrast, “christian” nationalism would create a state religion and place social control, economic wealth, and political power in a favored elite and religious class. “Christian” nationalism often overlaps with and provides cover for white supremacy, racial and gender subjugation, and religious intolerance. It would fundamentally alter our society and government and must be rejected.

Build the Beloved Community

As people of faith and as Americans, we believe in what Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. called the ‘Beloved Community.’ Beloved Community works for the betterment of all Americans. It respects the value of every human being, celebrates diversity, and supports equity and inclusion. It stands with those who others would exclude. We seek to build this Beloved Community for the many races, faiths, cultures, and ways of life that together make up this nation.