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Registration Deadline is Wednesday, September 27th.

Childcare not guaranteed after September 27th.

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Delegate Information

During the business session, nominating committee and board members will be elected, various reports will be received, and information will be presented. While congregations may have an unlimited number of persons participate in the annual gathering. The number of voting delegates is established by the ABC-WI Articles of Incorporation (Article V, Section 2):
Voting delegates at the Annual Meeting of ABC/WI shall be: all members of the Board of Managers, one pastor from each ABC/WI active church, and endorsed representatives from ABC/WI active churches. Endorsed representatives shall consist of: two individuals chosen by each active church and an additional individual for each fifty members, or any major fraction of fifty, above the first one hundred members; membership shall be according to the most recently submitted Church Annual Report. Voting delegates shall be required to register at the Annual Meeting of the ABC/WI prior to the business session. Quorum shall be forty (40) delegates of ABC/WI for the transaction of business.


To minimize discrepancies, each church should elect and notify your delegates according to your own procedures. Thereafter, official voting church delegates should note their delegate status on their registration form and complete their registration by September 21. Churches who have questions about this or would like to e-mail us a list of delegates in advance, please e-mail the office at abcwi.office@abcofwi.org by September 27. Any same-day registrants identifying themselves as voting delegates from your church will be accepted on a first-come, first accepted basis.