Congregational Missions – 2018 Web Conference #1


Web Conference:
“Developing Community Partnerships: When all you have is a peanut butter sandwich…”


MONDAY, JUNE 18, 2018  @ 7:00 PM

The ABC/WI Commission on Congregational Missions invites you to participate in our first mission web conference. This will be the first of a series of web conferences, which will offer churches that are engaged in similar mission an opportunity to network with each other to share ideas and learn together.

The theme of the first web conference is “Developing Community Partnerships,” and will focus on ways to invite people outside of the church to participate in mission, and how to get involved with mission that is already happening in your community.

It can feel especially challenging for churches to have enough volunteers or energy to engage in mission in the community.  This web conference is about what to do if you feel like the disciples trying to figure out how to feed thousands of hungry people with nothing but a kid’s bag lunch.

Facilitator: Rev. Brian Hastings (Fond du Lac, Memorial)

For planning purposes, it will be very helpful if you RSVP to Gabrielle Hastings (Commission Co-Chair) at by Friday, June 15.

Preparation for the Web Conference: 
Get your thoughts about this topic going:
Ahead of the webconference, we’d like to ask participants to consider the following questions:
1) What are a few of the areas of need in your community/context that God seems to draw the heart and attention of you and your congregation?  (it may be something you are already involved in, or something you care about but haven’t yet found leverage into)
2) In those areas of need, do you know of any potential partners in terms of agencies, churches or individuals who are already active in that area or who share that passion and concern regarding that need?
3) Who are some people in your ministry setting that have a passion or concern about this (or other) areas of need, looking for an opportunity to do something about it?
There will also be a time to share questions that may come up in the course of the conversation, or which you may have ahead of time.
We’re looking forward to sharing this time together!

– This web conference will be offered through a platform called “Zoom.”
– See technology tips below.
– To join in this specific web conference, you will need this information:
1. Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android: Click on the following link and follow directions:
– or-
2. To join via telephone, which will ONLY give you voice access:
Dial (for higher quality, dial a number based on your current location):
US: +1 646 876 9923 or +1 669 900 6833
Meeting ID: 590 640 732
  1. Verify your internet speed is fast enough to adequately support video chat. Zoom recommends 1.2mbps for speaker view and 1.5mbps for gallery view (recommended) – check your internet speeds on
  2. Verify your webcam/microphone configuration is adequate. Most devices have a webcam and microphone built in, including most laptops and almost all tablets and phones. Zoom is supported on most mobile devices, as well as Windows/Mac OS. For the best quality, we recommend a headset as they generally have better microphones as well as allowing you to better hear everyone.
  3. Join the call by clicking on the link provided (see above). If you are on a laptop or desktop computer, the zoom client will automatically begin to walk you through the install process, or it will launch if already installed. Follow the instructions to get it configured. Once installed, you will be placed in the meeting.
  4. During the call, we recommend using gallery mode. This will allow you to see everyone at once, rather than just the person currently speaking. You can enable this by clicking the button next to the full screen button in the upper right hand corner of the window (on PCs).
  5. For tips on using Mobile Devices, you may want to visit this webpage: Click HERE.

Minister Meet-Ups : Spring/Summer Series 2018

…A time for American Baptist ministers to come together for mutual support, networking, mental and physical nourishment, and Holy Spirit stirring around topics that matter to our vocational health and missional purpose…



RSVP to five days prior to the Meet-Up.


Pastor, Minister, Shepherd: What does authority look like in the church?

→ Monday, July 23, 2018     →12 – 1:30 PM     ⌂ Pilgrim Rest Missionary Baptist Church, 3456 N. 38th St, Milwaukee, WI

→ Roundtable discussion facilitated by John Jones, Associate Regional Minister – Education

What’s in a title? Come together to examine your own and other different notions of what Pastoral Authority means in the church. 

We’ll be using a reflection tool to think through our notions of what a “Pastor” is, has been, and should be.  We’ll also be looking at different models of pastoral leadership based in different cultural and cross-cultural perspectives.  Bring your reflections and contributions as well as an openness to those of others.

Diversity in ABC life is a gift – a challenging gift, but a gift nonetheless.  Let’s learn together how God accomplishes ministry in our different ABC congregations.

Brave Conversations About Race

→ Sunday, July 29, 2018     →5-6:30 PM    ⌂Location: TBD

→ Facilitated by Marie Onwubuariri, Regional Executive Minister and guest TBD

At the direct request from the participants of this table topic at the 2017 Annual Gathering, we will continue to explore obstacles to, helpful approaches for, and hopeful impact of brave conversations about race and its effects upon humanity and the church.

RSVP Requested: by 5 days prior to each meet-up


Open House Fellowship for Women in Ministry

→ Friday, April 6, 2018    →11 AM-3 PM    ⌂Home of Marie Onwubuariri – Brookfield, WI
→ Hosted by Marie Onwubuariri; Co-Sponsored by American Baptist Women in Ministry (ABWIM)

The women of the American Baptist National Leadership Council (NLC*) and the women ministers of the American Baptist Churches of Wisconsin are invited to a time of food and fellowship at the home of Rev. Dr. Marie Onwubuariri, ABC/WI Regional Executive Minister.

*The NLC meets annually at the Green Lake Conference Center and includes American Baptist executive leadership of our national boards, regions, and affiliated ministry partners. More can be learned at (page 37-38.)

National Week of Conversation: helping to bridge the divides in our country

→ Wednesday, April 25, 2018    →12-1:30 PM    ⌂ABC/WI Region Office
→ Facilitated by Marie Onwubuariri

National Week of Conversation is a unique opportunity for Americans of different views to talk with each other and, more importantly, really listen to each other. To learn more about this national initiative, visit

Tending our Roots: In Faith and Work

→ Friday, May 18, 2018    →2-3:30 PM    ⌂Camp Tamarack –  E879 Golke Road, Waupaca, WI

→ Facilitated by Carolyn Dugan, Associate Regional Minister – Camping

This will be a time to reconnect with God’s creation as we explore
how we stay rooted in our faith and discuss the challenges as
ministers being pulled in many directions.

In nature there is a rhythm of growth, a time when roots are growing
deeper or reaching out and a time of maintenance or even dormancy.

* What is your initial faith story and how does it affect your
current story of “be”ing with God?
* How do you respond to the rhythm in your own faith journey?
* What are reasons our roots would need to grow deeper, outwards and
sometimes be uprooted?
* What does this mean in our current ministry or faith context?

You are also invited to participate in tending the physical space of
Camp during “Spring in to Camp” or tend to your own physical needs
by being a part of creation: hiking, canoeing, “being”, before or
after the structured time.

Sabbath and Sabbaticals

→ Tuesday, May 29, 2018     →12 – 1:30 PM      ⌂Location: Underwood Memorial Baptist Church (Stable House) = 1916 N Wauwatosa Ave, Milwaukee

→ Facilitated by John Jones, Associate Regional Minister – Education, with contributions from Rev. Karen Gygax-Rodriguez of Federated Church, Green Lake and Rev. Jason Mack, Minister of Community at First Baptist, Madison, and guest Rabbi Michal Woll of Congregation Shir Hadash

What is a “Sabbatical”? Join us for a practical discussion of the meaning and value of ‘Sabbatical,” grounded in a textual study of “Sabbath” facilitated by Rabbi Michal Woll of Congregation Shir Hadash.

Why does God command something as basic as rest?  How might we understand both Sabbath and Sabbatical as forms of faithfulness?  Is a Sabbatical just a vacation?  How can a specific and structured time away in the form of Sabbatical be something that enlivens and sustains ministry?  On a practical level, how does one go about requesting, organizing, financing, planning, and executing a Sabbatical?

We may not answer all of these questions, but we will do our best to ask them and many more in a wide ranging discussion of Sabbath and Sabbatical.  Bring your concerns theological and practical.

A light lunch will be served.  Please RSVP to dawn.armstrong@abcofwi.orgat least five days prior with any food restrictions.

American Baptist Women of WI Retreat 2018

American Baptist Women have been meeting for 140 years!

Please join us for our Annual Women’s Retreat:

Dates: June 1-3, 2018

Location: Camp Tamarack, E879 Golke Rd, Waupaca, WI

Cost: Friday night-Sunday noon $110.00 cabin or Tamarack or $140.00 for Basile,
Saturday only $45.00 (no exception)

You can find the invitation here, the letter here and the registration form here.

Please contact Linda Jolly at 608-201-2528 or via email if there are questions.

Spring In To Camp 2018


Join us as we “Spring in to Camp”

May 17th – 20th we will be preparing camp for the summer season.

We will need help cleaning cabins, clearing trails, raking, dusting and all that goes in to preparing the spaces for campers and renters.

We encourage individuals, families, youth groups, men’s groups, women’s groups and any other groups to come and help out.

Please contact Carolyn or Kim with your availability during those dates so we can plan the schedule, meals and lodging.   715-281-2267                  715-281-7816

“Foolish Love” Online Series

MONDAYS IN LENT – in the location of your choosing 

If you’re looking for a community to walk with during this Lenten season, join the POST for our special “Foolish Love” series. Mondays in Lent for 45 minutes: just what you need to recalibrate with faith as we follow in the steps of Jesus.

Story Telling Event – PRMBC

On February 11, 2017, CENTRAL Wisconsin held a Story Telling event, hosted by Pilgrim Rest Missionary Baptist Church.  These stories were the culmination of work for a course taught at the seminary in the Fall of 2016 and Winter 2017.

We now have these stories gathered together and linked here on YouTube.

Here’s the whole PLAYLIST.

Here’s each video, referenced by the story teller:

Amos Green  “165 Years Old … and Still Growing”

Darlene Turner-Harper “A Gift of Encouragement”

Reggie Ivy  “What God has Joined Together”

Delores Wilkins  “The Vision Unfolds”

Carolyn Parker  “Taking Care of Ms Taylor”

Brice Smith  “How She Got Here: The 170-Year Progressive Call of Underwood”

Kendrick Allen  “Pioneers of Faith”


Many thanks to our Story Tellers.  Thanks also to Dallas Flippin who filmed the stories and prepared the video for publishing.

173rd Annual Gathering

“So then, just as you received Christ Jesus as Lord, continue to live your lives in him, rooted and built up in him, strengthened in the faith as you were taught, and overflowing with thankfulness.” Colossians 2:6-7 NRSV

Thank you to all who made this year's event possible and for all those
who attended and contributed to this blessed gathering.

October 13-14, 2017

American Baptist Churches of Wisconsin
at Green Lake Conference Center

Our American Baptist family from across the state joined for Christ-centered fellowship, worship, and equipping for ministries and mission. 2017 begins our journey under the vision, Together Living Faithfully Through Christ Today, responding to the imperatives of rootedness, collaboration, growth, and transformation, and inspired by Ephesians 3:18-19. This year's Annual Gathering focused on Rootedness.

Reflections from the Annual Gathering

(by Regional Executive Minister, Wisconsin Baptist November 2017)

2017 State of the Region Report

2017AnnualGathering_ProgramBooklet Final

2017 Annual Gathering Draft Minutes

Learnings from Mission Table Conversations - Saturday Morning Plenary

Event Photos: