Leadership Training Academy


Leadership Training Academy

There is a need in our churches for theological and pastoral training for lay leaders, associate ministers, and lay pastors who do not have the opportunity to pursue traditional seminary training. The investment of time and finances that a traditional seminary degree requires stands as a barrier to the training that would benefit these leaders and their churches. A flexible Leadership Training program would help provide some of the theological and pastoral training that could benefit our churches in the future through quality lay pastors and lay leaders.

A New Effort

ABC of Wisconsin is pleased to announce the launch of the Leadership Training Academy. The Leadership Training Academy offers opportunities to our congregations:

  • training for Lay Pastors;
  • skill development for lay leaders in congregations;
  • personal enrichment and in-depth study;
  • growth in discipleship;

Certificates and Courses:

LEVEL 1 – Enrichment Certificate

  1. Biblical Interpretation
  2. Hebrew Scriptures
  3. New Testament
  4. Worship Design and Leadership
  5. Spiritual Formation*

LEVEL 2 –Leadership Certificate

  1. Church History*
  2. Media for Ministry*
  3. Preaching
  4. Baptist History and Polity

LEVEL 3 –Pastoral Certificate

  1. Church Administration*
  2. Theology*
  3. Ministry Ethics
  4. Church Rituals (Baptism, Communion, Weddings, Funerals)

Some of the courses* could also be used for Continuing Education Units (CEU*).

Course Structure

  • 3 class sessions per course / 4 hours per class session (Saturdays 8:30 am – 12:30 pm) / Total of approximately 12 hours of class time
  • Class sessions scheduled with at least 1 weekend between, allowing a course to be completed in 5-6 weeks
  • Pre-work would be required (reading/assignment prior to first session)
  • Coursework could be completed on Google classroom
  • Hybrid courses – allowing sessions to be recorded on Zoom
  • To receive the credit, students would be required to be “present” for 2 of the 3 sessions AND to view the missed session
  • Inexpensive: each course tuition is only $100 for members of ABC/WI churches; non-ABC/WI students = $125

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Upcoming courses:

Biblical Interpretation ~ July 20, August 3 & 24

Taught by Rev. Dr. Demetrius Williams, pastor of Community Baptist Church of Greater Milwaukee.

Current courses:

“Hebrew Scriptures/Old Testament” ~ Rev. Dr. May May Latt

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Saturdays – 8:30-12:30 ~ March 2, 16 & April 6

This will be an opportunity to study the Hebrew Scriptures – the scriptures that Jesus used – in greater depth. We’ll examine the WHAT – WHY – HOW of the Old Testament, particularly as it can inform our faith and ministry.

This course will be taught by Rev. Dr. May May Latt. Pastor May May is pastor of Milwaukee Myanmar Christian Church. She also works for ATLA, a research database specializing in religion and theology. Her scholarly focus has been the Hebrew Prophets, especially Isaiah.




Past courses:

“Worship Design and Leadership” ~  Dr. Mary Schecher

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Saturdays – 8:30-12:30 ~ January 13 & 27 & February 10

This course will examine the purpose of worship and explore the variety of means for accomplishing it. It will also provide practical tips for designing and leading a worshipful experiences.

The course will follow the general template of WHAT – WHY – HOW: all about worship.

Your instructor will be Dr. Mary Schecher, BM, MM, MLIS, DWS. Mary is the Director of Music Ministry at First Baptist Church-West Allis. She earned a Doctorate in Worship Studies. Her background includes time serving in churches of various denominations, providing a broad exposure to different worship traditions and styles. She has presented workshops and trainings for professional organizations and has served as a worship leader for American Baptist gatherings at the state and national level. She is presently teaching at Central Baptist Seminary in the areas of creativity and worship leadership.


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[Applications due at least 1 week in advance of first class session.]

Email for more information: john.jones@abcofwi.org