Ministry / Job Opportunities

ABC/WI Ministry/Job Opportunities (Jobs are listed in the order they are received with the most recent posting at the top of the list.)

  • No postings at this time.
  • Click HERE for volunteer opportunities with ABC/WI.

ABC/WI Church Openings - contact 

Job Posting Resources for you to visit: 

  •   The Wisconsin Council of Churches will receive and post job opportunities that are open to all denominations and do not require ordination (postings will be listed for one month.) To view their page, click HERE.

Other Job Opportunities (Jobs are listed in the order they are received with the most recent posting at the top of the list.)

  1. Case Worker - Safe Harbor Division for Men – Milwaukee Rescue Mission, Milwaukee, WI (posted 11/8/19)
  2. Executive Director/Minister (Full-time) - District of Columbia Baptist Convention (One of the 33 ABCUSA Incorporated Regions) Application Deadline: January 10, 2020. (posted 11/8/19)
  3. Assistant Chaplain - Wesley Willows Senior Living Communities (Part Time/Full Time) (Posted 12/11/19)

How to Submit Job Postings

ABC Wisconsin will post jobs as a service to our member churches and partner ministries.

  • Job postings on the website are limited to one or two lines of information and a link to the full job description.
  • Please send us the exact title of the job, part-time/full-time/contract, deadline, contact person if available, and a link to your webpage.
    • [EXAMPLE] Church Organist (Part-time, ~ 6 hr/week) – First Baptist Church, Packertown, WI. Contact: Bart Starr at or 123-456-7899. Deadline 12/3/2019 (posted 1/15/17) (Accompanied with a direct link to your website posting).
  • ONLY FOR  MEMBER CHURCHES WITH NO WEBSITE: Please send us the same information and a .pdf of the full job description and contact details. We will create a link to the pdf.
  • Send all job posting information to
  • All job postings with no deadline provided will be removed two months after the posting date. If you would like this extended, you will need to contact the region office.