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God’s Love for our Very Human Self

February is Black History Month, which I wrote about in this month’s Wisconsin Baptist. This is also a unique February in 2024 because it is a leap year giving us one extra day this month. To make it even more special, because of how the liturgical calendar is calculated, Ash Wednesday is very early this […]

Celebrate Black History Month as American Baptists

As American Baptists, we are proud of our collective history, the times we have stood on the right side for justice. In Wayne E. Croft Sr.’s book A History of the Black Baptist Church: I Don’t Feel No Ways Tired, he writes that in 1840, the American Baptist Antislavery Convention met, including Black Baptist leaders, […]

Hebrew Scriptures/Old Testament – LTA

“Hebrew Scriptures” The second course offered by the Leadership Training Academy will be “Hebrew Scriptures,” taught by Rev. Dr. May May Latt, pastor of Milwaukee Myanmar Christian Church. Saturdays 8:30-12:30: March 2, 16, & April 6 Hybrid: Both in person at First Baptist West Allis (1576 S. 78th St., West Allis) and on Zoom Cost: $100 […]

2024 Intentions

I am not a resolutions person. Resolutions are easy to make and harder to keep, and goodness knows the last time I made a resolution was January 1, 2020, in which I resolved to not work at home whenever possible. Hah! The pandemic definitely made that impossible to keep. Instead, I like the practice of […]

Welcome to the New Year – 2024!

One hundred and twenty-five years ago, our Region launched this publication – “The Wisconsin Baptist” as a way to stay to connected and share various pieces of information such as what pastors started their call at what church, who had resigned, as well as what meetings were occurring and where. This publication was sent out […]

Worship Design & Leadership – LTA

“Worship Design & Leadership” The first course of the Leadership Training Academy will be “Worship Design & Leadership,” taught by Mary Schecher. Meeting Saturdays 8:30-12:30 = January 13, 27 & February 10 Hybrid: Both in person at First Baptist West Allis (1576 S. 78th St., West Allis) and on Zoom Cost: $100   Worship Design […]

Maybe This Year Will be Better Than the Last

People of a certain generation will recognize that as a lyric from the song “A Long December” by the Counting Crows. And goodness, haven’t we been saying this for so long now? This next year must be better than last year. It’s December, and it’s natural for us to reflect back on the last year […]

An ABC-WI Advent Devotional

by Rev. Mindi Welton-Mitchell, Executive Minister Advent for 2023 begins on December 3rd. December 24th is both the Fourth Sunday of Advent and Christmas Eve. If participating online, use the hashtag #ABCWIAdvent Read the scripture for the day Reflect on the word for the day Optional: post a photo online that represents that word for […]

Let Your Leaves Go… and Grow!

By: Rev. Mindi Welton-Mitchell, Regional Executive Minister “The trees are about to show us how lovely it is to let dead things go.” I see this quote pop up on memes shared in social media every autumn. By the time you read this, most of the leaves might be on the ground or bagged up, […]