May ’19 Wisconsin Baptist Lead Article

Dios te bendiga*

Jim Carlson – Hispanic Community Liaison

Dear ABC/WI Family,
I bring you greetings from our Hispanic sisters and brothers in Christ. The four Spanish speaking churches in our region are doing well in their efforts to live out the gospel in their communities. It’s interesting to see that these congregations experience the same kinds of issues that any other church in our region.
They put together praise bands and use technology in worship to enhance the experience. They experience pastoral transitions and celebrate the ministries of their women’s groups. They celebrate their church anniversaries and join the other Hispanic congregations to celebrate theirs. They serve potluck dinners (THE BEST) and make decisions by committee.
What sets them apart from many others is that they are doing so in a foreign country where a different language is spoken. They do so in a work environment where they tend to take many of the jobs most of us would never do. They do so at a time when the image of Hispanic immigrants is being distorted in policy debates.
What never ceases to amaze me is the strength of their faith despite these headwinds. They take the remarks made about immigrants with a level of grace. They work hard, live simply, and support the church that has helped them grow in their faith. It’s been a real blessing to have the privilege of serving them. They are a great resource and an integral part of our regional leadership. As they always say to me,”Dios te bendiga!”*


*God Bless You

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