November ’19 Wisconsin Baptist Lead Article

Everything IS Connected
Carolyn Dugan, Associate Regional Minister of Camping

Imagine a spider web…what do you see? What is the web hooked or anchored to? Are there any base strands? Is the web perfectly symmetrical or are there flaws/imperfections? Did you see a spider? Was it working or resting?

This is our faith.

What are your base strands made of? The Bible should be part of that answer, but do you include both the Old and New Testaments?
What is your understanding of how they fit together? Is Jesus in both the Old and New Testaments? (Spoiler – yes).
How do you connect in your prayer life and your readings? How do you reflect God in your choices and actions?
What communities do you belong to, and are there elements of accountability and fellowship?
How do you connect to nature – to creation?
Are there connections you need to strengthen? Are there some strands you maybe need to unravel? Where is God nudging you?

Connections and connectedness is good. In Genesis we are not made to be alone; in Ephesians Paul talks about support, and in Romans we are referred to as many parts of the one body.
At Camp Tamarack this summer our focus was connectedness in many ways including how we connect to God, to community, to creation, and to the world as individual Christians as well as corporate Christians. I was asked to preach at the Green Lake county fair this summer, and the organist handed me the polar bear card that is pictured with this article. I was floored as she had no idea of the theme for camp this summer. Everything IS connected.

May your day be blessed by moments of quiet connectedness, by light in your darkness, by strength in your weakness, by joy in your gladness, peace in your stillness. May your day be blessed.

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