Challenges & Opportunities of Digital Ministry


  • Do you want to use technology as part of your mission and ministry?
  • Are you having difficulty figuring out how digital technology should be employed by your congregation?
  • What are the barriers that prevent your congregation from using technology successfully?
  • What do you want to accomplish with technology in ministry?

Perhaps you’ve had these or similar questions. We’re going to try to name and to listen to these questions and others on June 25. If you’re on the fence regarding technology (or even a particular example of technology), please consider joining on Zoom.

This session will be a Zoom conversation in anticipation of our Palmer grant funded “Inclusive Hybrid Ministry” conference in August. In August, we’ll have sessions and speakers to discuss practical issues for those just getting started in using technology well for ministry. We will also have sessions to help us identify and overcome the barriers we face in employing technology in our ministries. We’ll discuss the need for both training and inspiration. We’ll also get into the best ways that we can go about this “new thing” with authenticity in our public witness.

Please promote this opportunity widely, especially to those who are most involved with technology in your congregation.


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