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In 2017, the region's Executive Committee recommended a "ministry of conversation" priority to our current strategic endeavors. In essense, the committee articulated a priority to equip our region to engage in difficult conversations across human differences. This commitment was later affirmed by the Board at a subsequent meeting.  

Given that our mission statement highlights the affirmation of our diversities, and the experiences of such diversities vary greatly among individuals and communities, we have a unique opportunity to live out the unifying power of Jesus Christ among us in very real ways among ourselves and within our respective communities and spaces of engagement.

The hope is that as we engage in difficult conversations across our human differences in respectful and constructive ways, we would:

  • grow deeper in our own understanding and pursuit of our joint mission
  • exemplify an alternate way of being together that is clearly different and attractive as compared to the models of divisiveness, dismissiveness, and violence that we too often see around us
  • through our conversations find ways to act alongside one another to impact common concerns of our faith and discipleship

Following are ways we as a region are engaging in this ministry of conversation:


Brave Conversations About Race” (July 2018 – Ministers Meetup Series)

Living Room Conversation” on Immigration: The POST  (Apr/May 2018)

“National Week of Conversation” Minister Meet-Up (Apr 2018)
Click HERE to read about the American Baptist Churches USA partnership with NWOC and the National Institute for Civil Discourse.

Mission/Ministry conversations: Annual Gathering (Oct 2017)

Staff Articles

“In this Together” | More Than Lip Service” (Marie Onwubuariri, Apr 2020)


Mutual Invitation – a conversation tool to foster equal opportunity for each person to participate in conversations.

Respecful Communication Guidelines – “ground rules” for meetings and conversations.


Conflict As A Catalyst for Growth – (Apr 2018)

Resetting the Table – (Aug 2017)


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